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Prices and Premiums for Maryland Flood Insurance Policies

Flood Costs

Maryland Flood Insurance Premiums

Below, you’ll find a sampling of policy premiums for different amounts of coverage based on the latest rates for January of 2011.

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Moderate-to-Low Risk Areas

RESIDENTIAL: Preferred Risk Policy (ZONES B, C, X)


A residential policy, based on preferred rates for qualified structures in moderate-to-low risk areas. A Preferred Risk Policy offers two types of coverage: Building & Contents and Contents Only.

Building & Contents Contents Only1,4
Coverage Annual Premium2,3 Coverage Annual Premium2
Without Basement or Enclosure With Basement or Enclosure Contents Above Ground (more than one floor) All Other Locations (basement only not eligible)
$20,000/$8,000 $129 $176 $8,000 $57 $79
$30,000/$12,000 $183 $211 $12,000 $75 $106
$50,000/$20,000 $240 $269 $20,000 $110 $147
$75,000/$30,000 $281 $315 $30,000 $126 $168
$100,000/$40,000 $312 $346 $40,000 $140 $187
$125,000/$50,000 $334 $368 $50,000 $153 $207
$150,000/$60,000 $356 $390 $60,000 $167 $226
$200,000/$80,000 $390 $429 $80,000 $194 $248
$250,000/$100,000 $414 $460 $100,000 $221 $271

1 Add the $50.00 Probation Surcharge, if applicable.
2 Premium includes Federal Policy Fee of $20.00.
3 Premium includes ICC premium fee of $5.00. Deduct this amount if the risk is a condominium unit.
4 Contents-only policies are not available for contents located in basement only.
5 Do not use this section of the table for buildings with crawlspaces or sub-grade crawlspaces. See footnote 6.
6 Use this section of the table for buildings with crawlspaces or sub-grade crawlspaces
7 Content-only policies are not available for contents located in basement only.

Note: Starting January 1, 2011, properties that have been newly mapped in to a high-risk flood zone, on or after October 1, 2011, may qualify for a Preferred Risk Policy through the PRP Eligibility Extension program.
Note: Residential condominium associations are not eligible for the Preferred Risk Policy. Individual residential condominium units in residential condominium buildings are eligible for the Preferred Risk Policy. In addition, individual residential condominium unit owners in nonresidential condominium buildings are only eligible for contents coverage. The deductibles apply separately to building and contents. Building deductible, $1,000. Contents deductible, $1,000.

To qualify for replacement cost claim settlement, a single-family dwelling must be the insured's primary residence and be insured to the maximum amount of insurance available under the program or no less than 80% of the replacement cost at the time of loss. Please refer to the policy or manual for further explanation and requirements.

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