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Did You Know... Floods are the #1 disaster in the United States.

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About Maryland Flood Insurance

Maryland Flood Insurance was formed to accommodate a growing niche for flood insurance. As property owners purchase new homes or businesses, many of them are unaware that their current homeowners or property insurance policies will not cover damage from flooding events as well as to aid residents in protecting their homes and businesses. After the establishment of Florida Flood Insurance, Inc, and National Flood Insurance, LLC, the company expanded to help insure other states in the Nation including the State of Maryland.

Maryland Flood Insurance was established in 2010 and efficiently serves the residents and business property owners of Maryland. Maryland residents are very susceptible to a variety of flooding events and the agents at Maryland Flood Insurance would like to help those residents protect themselves against these types of events.

A Great Need for Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is often overlooked when purchasing a home or business. In the State of Maryland is it an extremely important consideration to be made. . Maryland is susceptible to several different types of flooding including riverine erosion, flash flooding, and ponding which occurs most often in Northern Maryland. In the areas with high population density and numerous buildings such as in Chicago, flash flooding can occur if there are urban drainage issues. The problem is most individuals believe that their homeowners or property insurance covers them in case of a flooding event. In most cases, this is not true. Many of the communities in flood-prone areas of Maryland participate in the National Flood Insurance Program, (NFIP) which help residents, business owners, and those who rent, to purchase flood insurance at more affordable rates.

Severe weather and rain can produce flooding in very short periods of time that could cause extensive property damage even with only an inch of water. Maryland residents and property owners should be prepared for such events. Even though your bank may not require you to purchase flood insurance, it is still something that property owners should look into. If your property does not lie in a high risk flood zone, it can still flood. Purchasing a flood insurance policy if your home lies in a low risk zone may actually be much more inexpensive, costing as little as $129 for the entire year. It can take months and sometimes even years to rebuild a home from a flooding event.

In July 2010 the city of Westchester which is just outside of Chicago and north of Brookfield, had been declared to be in a state of emergency following more than six inches of rain that fell in a twenty-four hour time span. Flooding events like this can surprise many people. Often unexpected, these types of flooding events are exactly why it is important to have flood insurance and be prepared. The committed agents at Maryland Flood Insurance would like to support you and your family in purchasing a flood insurance policy that best fits your needs based on your flood zone, your assets, and even with your business needs. Specializing only in flood insurance, the knowledgeable agents are available to answer any and all of your questions.

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