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In August, 2008, Tropical Storm Fay made history as the first storm ever to make landfall on Florida four times. Tropical Storm Fay battered the state for an entire week with cities from Key West and Cape Romano in the south, to Flagler Beach in Central Florida and Carrabelle on the Florida Panhandle, experiencing Fay landfalls. For the first time in history there was Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watches or Warnings in force for the entire coastline of the state. Fay hit winds of up to 70 mph, generated 11 tornadoes, caused $560 million of damage and killed 36 people. The entire state of Florida experienced severe flooding, with one county alone reporting an estimated 8,000 homes suffering flood damage.

Melbourne which is on Florida's Atlantic Coast, was particularly hard hit. Tropical Storm Fay approached from the south and then slowly moved east, crossing the entire Melbourne area before leaving the state and returning to the Atlantic Ocean. Fay dumped an incredible 27.65 inches of rain just north of Melbourne, with 11 inches falling in just a 24 hour period, an amount that shattered a 50 year rainfall record. Some areas in and around Melbourne actually disappeared under five-foot high flood waters, becoming temporary lakes. The scene was one of such devastation that Governor Charlie Crist personally visited the Lamplighter Village neighborhood of Melbourne to survey the damage. Soon afterwards, President George W. Bush declared the entire state of Florida a Federal Disaster Area.

Tuna Siraci and the staff at Viera Insurance Agency, Inc. which is located in Melbourne, Florida, concentrates on Homeowner’s Insurance business. Viera Insurance Agency had a staggering number of calls from customers calling to report flood damages to their properties. Tuna and the staff had experienced the devastation and flooding of Tropical Storm Fay first-hand, along with all of our neighbors. As our staff made its way to work following the storm, we all looked with disbelief at the devastation in and around Melbourne. In total, about 80 neighborhoods in the Melbourne area experienced flooding, with several hundred homes flooded by as much as three to four feet of water. When we did finally arrive at work, we were stunned to find our offices surrounded by over two-feet of flood water. As we made our way into our flooded office and as our staff began attempting to assist policy holders, every phone in the office was ringing literally non-stop. We were inundated with hundreds of calls from people reporting flood damage to their homes.

Flooding is not covered in Homeowner’s Insurance policies. Unfortunately, most of the calls came from people either who knew that their Homeowner’s policy did not cover for flood and took the risk that their property would not flood as they were in a low risk zone and/or those customers who did not realize that their Homeowner’s policy did not cover for flooding as the flood coverage was not required by their lender. In fact, 70% of all flood claims were from the areas of Melbourne, Florida that were considered low risk flood zones.

The irony in all this is that flood insurance can be obtained for as little as $129 per year specifically for those properties located in the low risk flood zones. Flood Insurance is the only protection that your most important asset will be truly protected in case of flooding be it from hurricane, storm surge, broken levees, melting snow, etc. Flood Insurance will allow you to rest peacefully that repairs to your property and temporary accommodations for your family will be taken care of, and you will be protected from financial loss.

We saw a Great Need for Flood Insurance
Tropical Storm Fay opened our eyes to the significance of flood insurance, especially in a coastal area and a likely hurricane zone. Tuna Siraci, experiencing firsthand the devastation and loss and public misconception about flood insurance, saw the need for a company that would become an expert and inform the public about the very basic facts of flood insurance. That is why Tuna Siraci started a new entity named Florida Flood Insurance, Inc. to provide in-depth flood insurance information to homeowners in the state of Florida along with professionals such as realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers, and underwrite flood insurance policies as direct representatives of FEMA.

As Florida Flood Insurance, Inc. started operating and helping Florida homeowners by underwriting flood insurance policies in Florida, Tuna Siraci realized that the same concept that started Florida Flood Insurance, Inc. would be applicable on a nationwide basis and that all the coastal states as well as many inland states throughout the nation, from California to Texas and Louisiana to the Eastern Seaboard, have similar flood related problems with respect to flooding as the state of Florida. As he started to think about the concept on a nationwide basis, a national call center was established and various licenses in applicable states were obtained to start operations.

Now is the time to think seriously about flood insurance and get adequate coverage before another yet flooding event occurs. We, at Maryland Flood Insurance, LLC., through advertising, education, and seminars, hope to convey the message to the homeowners and the professionals, like realtors and mortgage brokers who are closely associated with the need for flood insurance, that flood insurance is a crucial, independent component of a Homeowner’s insurance policy and that flood insurance must be obtained separately in order to protect our most valuable asset, our homes. At Maryland Flood Insurance, LLC., all of our dedicated agents are committed to helping homeowners understand the basics about flood insurance, address many of the common misconceptions and to provide you with the best possible flood insurance and service on the market today. Our agents are also extremely knowledgeable to sit and discuss with you the facts of flooding and flood insurance regardless if you consider the need to purchase flood insurance.

Flood insurance is an often overlooked, yet extremely important consideration for anyone owning property in throughout the nation specifically coastal states. In a matter of hours, a severe storm can produce flooding which can cause extensive damage to your house, condo or business, making your home inhabitable or your business unable to function. It can take months and cost thousands and thousands of dollars to repair the damage, in addition to the costs associated with temporary accommodation for your family, alternative business premises and lost business revenue.

All of us at Maryland Flood Insurance, LLC promise to help you with your flood insurance needs and questions whether you are the owner of private homes, condos, apartments and/or commercial property or a tenant of these properties. For those professionals who are closely related to the need of flood insurance such as realtors, mortgage brokers, title agents, etc., it is imperative that we are contacted prior to the property’s closing so that your customer has the best protection for their new purchase whether the purchase is a residential home, a residential condo, or commercial property being purchased. Call today to get a free Flood Zone Determination, free flood insurance quote or just to discuss your flood and flood insurance related issues and questions. Don’t be left without flood insurance. Call us today!

Florida’s hurricane and rainy seasons are right around the corner. Don’t be left without flood insurance. Call us today!

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